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Funding websites

There are a number of websites around that are well worth checking regularly for funding updates. If you are running a community/voluntary organisation, why not have a browse through..?



www.citizensconnection.net www.co-financing.co.uk www.dsc.org.uk www.funderfinder.org.uk www.fundersonline.org
www.fundingcentral.org.uk www.fundinginformation.org.uk www.governmentfunding.org.uk www.grantfinder.co.uk
www.grantsonline.org.uk www.j4b.co.uk
For specific information on different streams of funding, see the links below...
Leeds City Council
Trust Funding
Government Funding
Business Giving
Social Enterprise (Author: )

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Articles in this group

Le Grand Ride Out
Following the route of the Tour de France, this charity bike ride is an opportuntiy for you to raise money for your project. Phil Thomas from the Le Grand Ride Out team explains more... (Author: )

Leeds City Council Small grants
Details of small grants available to voluntary, community and faith sector groups from Leeds City Council. (Author: )

Headingley Orphanage Foundation Grants 
Grants available for projects "serving the benefit of needy children and young persons under the age of 21 years living in Yorkshire”. (Author: )

Wharfedale Foundation
Grants available for interfaith dialogue, social cohesion, exclusion and environmental sustainability, with a special focus on grassroots and youth-oriented projects. (Author: )

The Woodward Charitable Trust
A fund for projects working with minority or disadvantaged groups, children at risk of social exclusion, prisoners and ex-offenders and others... (Author: )

Greggs Foundation
The Greggs Foundation has small grants of upto £2000 available for projects working with isolated older people, people living in poverty, or on homeless issues. They prefer projects near Greggs shops or sites... (Author: )

Allen Lane Foundation
The Allen Lane Foundation offers grants of up to £15,000 for projects working with asylum seekers and refugees, older people, people experiencing vioelnce, people experiencing mental health problems, and others... (Author: )

Esh Communities Fund
Grants of £1000 for local community projects in Yorkshire... (Author: )

The Santander Foundation
Two grant programmes available for charitable projects benifiting disadvantaged people... (Author: )

Active Communities
Active Communities funding is available for community groups and small organisaitons working in small areas (about 30 streets) in certain areas of Leeds... (Author: )

The Clothworkers' Foundation
Funds available for work with disadvantaged communities... (Author: )

The Volant Trust
Grants are available for registered charities in the UK undertaking projects to help poverty and social deprivation, particularly children's and women's issues. (Author: )

Comic Relief awards
Comic Relief are now accepting applications for their current funding round for UK projects. Applications close on 28th September... (Author: )

The Cross Pollinate Foundation
This is an opportunity to 'present' your Christian social action project to a 'Dragons Den' style funding panel in November 2012. The closing date for applications is soon though, (Friday 21st September)... (Author: )

Christian Initiative trust + Premier Radio Awards
Awards of upto £12,000 for ambitious Christian initiatives to reach vulnerable people and transform lives. Deadline 28th September... (Author: )

Anchor Foundation
Grants of upto £10k for Christian charities concerned with social exclusion working through the ministries of healing and the arts... (Author: )

Children in Need - small grants programme
Grants of upto £30,000 over 3 years available for organisations working with disadvantaged children and yong people under 18 years old... (Author: )

Small grants available
Two small grants for Leeds based projects that might be of interest... (Author: )

Just Text Giving is a way for charities to receive donations via text message for free... (Author: )

Funding Round-up
A round-up of some funds currently open to applications or with approaching deadlines... (Author: )

Small Grants Programmes
Details of a number of small grant programmes avaiolable for Leeds based initiatives... (Author: )

March Funding Round-up
A summary of some trusts and grant giving bodies with upcoming deadlines... (Author: )

Communitybuilders Feasibility grant
Feasiblity grants for exploring entreprenuerial ideas that seek to meet social needs. (Author: Jonathan Dorsett)

The Liz and Terry Bramall Charitable Trust
A major donor interested in the Yorkshire region with a focus on Christian projects involved in social and economic issues, and on culture and the arts. (Author: )

Steven Gerrard Foundation
The new Steven Gerrard Foundation has just opened for the first time with grants available for work with disadvantaged children. (Author: )

People's Postcode Trust
The People's Postcode trust is open for small grant applications of between £500 and £10,000 until the 24th February 2012 (Author: )

Sport Relief Community Cash Grant Fund
Grants of between £500 and £1000 are available for projects working in areas of disadvantage or with vulnerable groups. (Author: )

Online fundraising opportunities
An opportunity to sign up to an online fundraising tool for your project. (Author: )

J Paul getty jr charitable Trust
Funds available for Reducing Reoffending, Improving Prospects, Repairing Communities, Repairing Lives, Preserving Heritage, Sustaining the Arts. (Author: )

Sir George Martin Trust
Funds available for outreach work in West Yorkshire (Author: )

Community Action Against Crime
A fund looking for grassroots approaches to tackling crime in partnership with community safety agencies on issues of anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol related crime, reducing reoffending, and violence against women. (Author: )

Funding and Training News
The July 2011 edition of the Young Lives Leeds Funding and Training News newsletter is now available to download. (Author: )

July Funding Round-Up
A round-up of lots of funding opportunities which may be relevant to your work this month. (Author: )

June Funding Round-Up
This article contains loads of current funding opportunities, courtesy of some of our friends in the Voluntary Sector in Leeds. (Author: )

The March Christian Trust
The Marsh Christian Trust provides grants to registered charities working in the fields of social welfare, literature arts and heritage, environmental and animal welfare, healthcare and medical research, education and training and a small number overseas. (Author: )

Jimbo's Fund
Formerly known as the Hesco Bastion Fund, this is now being re-launched as Jimbo's Fund. (Author: )

Grant-Making Trusts Are People Too
If you communicate with them using the language required to converse with government, you are unlikely to convey your passion, mission and values to them - even if they do understand what you are going on about. (Author: )

The AB Charitable Trust
The A B Charitable Trust supports charities that defend human rights, and arbitrary imprisonment, and promote respect for individuals whatever their circumstances. (Author: )

Percy Bilton Charity
Funding for groups that work with disadvantaged/underprivileged young people and people with disabilities. (Author: )

The Church and Community Fund
The Church and Community Fund (CCF) encourages the church to engage with their local communities by funding effective and innovative community outreach projects. (Author: )

LandAid Annual Grants
Our featured funding opportunity this month give money to assist the young and disadvantaged access facilities and opportunities. (Author: )

November Funding Round-Up
A bunch of randomly thrown together funding opportunities that may interest you this month... (Author: )

Funding Fair and Information Event
The Funding Fair and Information event is a great opportunity for your group to meet key funders and organisations that provide support to local projects. (Author: )

Development Education Fund
Financial assistance is available to charities based in England and Wales that are involved in global justice work. (Author: )

O2 Think Big Fund
O2 launch the Think Big fund for young people to make a difference. The project must involve people aged between 13 to 25 in the UK, help a community or address a social problem and take place within the next three months. (Author: )

The Yapp Charitable Trust
The Yapp Charitable Trust make grants to small registered charities to sustain their existing work including; children and young people aged 5 – 25; people with disabilities or mental health problems. (Author: )

Leeds Prevent Small Grants Fund
A small grants fund to support groups challenging extremism and building cohesion. (Author: )

Porticus UK
Porticus UK give grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 to groups involved in strengthening family relationships, enriching education, transformation through faith and ethics in practice. (Author: )

Lots of Funding Opportunities
This article contains links to Comic Relief, UnLtd and a large list of funding opportunities in West Yorkshire. (Author: )

Westhill Endowment
The objectives of the Westhill Endowment are the promotion of education in the manner which reflects the principles of the Christian religion and the tradition of the historic free churches... (Author: )

B+Q Grants
Schools, community groups and charitable organisations within the UK are eligible to apply for between £50 and £250 of B and Q materials to support a local community project. (Author: )

Help with Fundraising
News of a new tool from Funding Central and the latest Fit4Funding local newsletter. (Author: )

Woodward Charitable Trust
This trust awards grants to groups working in the following areas: Social and ethnic minority groups, Prisoners and ex-offenders, Homelessness, People experiencing abuse, Arts outreach work, Disability projects, Environmental projects and Addiction. (Author: )

Four Acre Trust
The Four Acre Trust supports charities that give individuals – mainly children and young people – help in making the most of their lives. (Author: )

Santander Foundation
The Santander Foundation brings together the charitable donations formerly made in the UK by Abbey, Alliance and Leicester and Bradford and Bingley savings business. (Author: )

Green Generations
‘Green Generations’ is the first Intergenerational Celebration Festival for Leeds, being held from the 26th – 30th April 2010. Grants of £500 are available from the council to help your group join in. (Author: )

Faiths in Action second round funding
Funding for faith and inter-faith programmes of upto £6000 for work in four key areas. No deadline, but only available until the funding runs out. (Author: )

Joseph Rank Trust
The central objective of the Trust is the advancement of the Christian faith. Click through for more information. (Author: )

The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust
Grants are awarded to organisations which aim to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK. (Author: )

The Noel Buxton Trust
The Noel Buxton Trust makes grants to charities active with disadvantaged families with children in care, penal reform and sustainable development in Southern Africa. (Author: )

West Yorkshire Learning Consortium Grants
Community Grants enable small voluntary and community organisations provide learning opportunities to help unemployed people move closer towards the labour market. (Author: )

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
Funding is for beneficiaries belong to a wide cross section of the community and include: education, arts, religion, community, children and youth, elderly, health, social welfare, environment, animal welfare, amateur sport, emergency and armed services (Author: )

JP Getty Jr Charitable Trust
The Trust will support Reducing Reoffending, Improving Prospects, Repairing Communities, Repairing Lives, Preserving Heritage and Sustaining the Arts. (Author: )

Horizons Education Fund
The Horizons Education Fund aims to support lone parents who have the motivation, determination and ability to improve their employment prospects. Could this grant scheme help someone you're working with? (Author: )

RISE: Refugee Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs
Churches and community projects that work with refugees should encourage them to apply for the new Refugee Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs programme (RISE). RISE awards between £500-£5,000 to individual refugees or small groups who develop a project (Author: )

Mediabox is a fund that offers disadvantaged 13-19 year olds (up to 25 if they have a disability) the opportunity to create their own media projects. We enable young people to gain new skills, express themselves and get their voices heard. (Author: )

Comic Relief UK Grants
Details of the Comic Relief UK Grants stream. (Author: )

Hilton in the Community Foundation
The Foundation makes grants to a wide range of charities and organisations that meet one of three chosen areas of focus: Young People – Education; Young People – Health; Disaster Relief and International Fund. (Author: )

The Peter De Haan Charitable Trust
Grants are awarded to organisations which aim to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK. (Author: )

New Funding Website
The Office for the Third Sector has just released a new website which brings together thousands of funding and finance opportunities, including for social enterprise. (Author: )

Church Urban Fund Mustard Seed
The Church Urban Fund gives grants to community groups, usually linked to churches and faith-based activity, enabling them to offer all kinds of help to people living in the poorest communities. (Author: )

Secret Millionaire Fund
The Big Lottery Fund, in partnership with Channel 4, operates The Secret Millionaire Fund. (Author: )

Sport England Funding
Sport England is committed to the creation of a world-leading community sport system. This means focusing our investment on organisations and projects that will grow and sustain participation in grassroots sport (Author: )

Targetted Support Fund
The Targeted Support Fund helps organisations that offer services specifically relating to needs resulting from the current recession. (Author: )

Action Earth
Action Earth provides small grants to local voluntary and community groups to carry out environmental projects. (Author: )

Innovation in the Community Award
TalkTalk´s Innovation In The Community Awards help charity and community groups to harness the power of the Internet. (Author: )

Awards For All
A new Awards For All Programme has been launched, with a total of £45 million available in England. The application form and guidance notes for the programme are available on the dedicated website http://www.awardsforall.org.uk/ (Author: )

The Lady Neville Charity
The Skinners’ Company Lady Neville Charity aims is to provide grants that will make a clear and significant contribution to small grassroots charitable organizations working in its designated priority areas. (Author: )

Local Food Grants
Local Food is a £50 million programme that will distribute lottery grants to a variety of food-related projects to help make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities. (Author: )

The Joanies Trust
The Joanies Trust welcomes applications from registered charities working with young people aged 11 - 25. They are particularly interested in projects that lead to employment, accreditation, further education and integration. (Author: )

Rosa Fund
While many women do enjoy great freedom and success, that’s simply not true for all women. That's why a new national fund has been launched to address the inequalities. (Author: )

Centre for Social Justice Awards
The Centre for Social Justice Awards recognise and reward effective poverty fighting groups from across the UK. (Author: )

Biffaward small grants scheme (Author: )

Cross Pollinate
Cross Pollinate is a national networking and fundraising event for Christian charities. A joint initiative of Make It Happen and the Alvor Charitable Trust, Cross Pollinate aims to raise £500,000 for small Christian charities over 5 years. (Author: )

Moto in the Community
For an introduction to this fund, please downlaod the details. The next deadline is Tuesday February 13, then every 12 weeks after that. (Author: )

Trusthouse Foundation
An Introduction to the Trusthouse Foundation (Author: )

Bridging the Gap grants up to £10,000
Grants of up to £10,000 available through the Coalfields Regeneration trust for community groups in Leeds (Author: )

O2 It's Your Community Grants
O2 It’s Your Community Awards of up to £1000 are available to local groups and individuals for anything that can be shown to benefit their community. (Author: )

Princes Trust Community Cash Awards
Princes Trust Community Cash Awards are grants to help young people set up a project that will benefit their community. (Author: )

Leeds Community Foundation Grants
Leeds Community Foundation has launched the following new schemes... (Author: )

West Yorkshire Grants are Now Available for 2009/10
Applications are now being invited from not-for-profit voluntary and community organisations in West Yorkshire who are making a strategic impact on the social or cultural infrastructure of the area. (Author: )

Grassroots Grants for Grassroots Groups
Grants of upto £5,000 available for community and voluntary groups in Leeds. (Author: )

New Guidance from Trusthouse
The Trusthouse Charitable trust has issued the following new guidelines for funding applications... (Author: )

Leeds Community Foundation small grants scheme
Details of the Leeds Community Foundation's small grants scheme, with funds between £500 and £10,000 available. (Author: )

Voluntary Action Leeds e-news
Monthly news on Funding, Training, Events, and Jobs from Volutary Action - Leeds. (Author: )

Princes Trust awards
The Princes Trust awards give grants of upto £5000 to groups of young people aged between 14 and 25 for work to benifit their communities. Individual grants are also available for those from the trusts priority backgrounds. (Author: )

UnLtd Millennium Awards
Funding for social entrepreneurs that have ambition, drive, determination and a vision to bring about social change. (Author: )

Funding and Finance
This is a space for you to find out about all of the latest information on funding for your project. This includes background information on fundraising and funding streams, as well as up to date information on current funds. (Author: )

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